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Boundless Maths

Mathematics is omnipresent like the air around us and we at Boundless Maths make children understand and appreciate the magic of Mathematics around us. We believe in the philosophy of mindful learning. The Learning Mindset created in our children makes each of them a lifelong learner, using thinking skills wisely and leading a life full of gratitude and success.

Why Choose Us?

At ‘Boundless Maths’, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Think, Explore and Grow’. Children learn to explore different ways of solving a problem and come up with the approach that works best for them. We focus on understanding the concepts, linking them and integrating with the school curriculum. The focus is not on just calculations and conceptual learning but also on developing a growth mindset in children. Personalized attention, regular assignments, practice worksheets, regular reinforcement and customization as per the need of the child, helps each of the learners to ace not just their school exams, but also shine through Olympiads and other competitive exams. Recordings for concept building and doubt clarification support the child for regular revision and reinforcement. 

100% Guaranteed Results

The course structure is designed in a manner to ignite the minds of young children to 'Explore, Think and Grow'. Activity based learning and timebound regular reinforcement, accompanied by regular interaction with the parents is designed to lead to 100% Success and Satisfaction.

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Learn Online From Anywhere

Over the last few years the learning trend has changed from offline to online. Keeping in mind the interest of children from different geographical areas, online learning makes it possible to learn from anywhere in the world, with the comfort of home or even while on a vacation.


Awards and Certification

At the end of each level, your child will be given a Certificate for successful completion of the registered course / level.

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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Boundless Maths

Mindful Mathematics

Our Student's Voice​

I was looking for a tuition teacher for my daughter studying in class 5, Shikshantar School, Gurgaon. It has only been two months yet, but I am quite satisfied with her method of teaching. She is firm but not strict, explains the concepts multiple times & handles my daughter very well. She is a master at the subject which makes her very much capable for her job.
Ma'am you are a very friendly teacher. It was a great experience to learn from you. You make us understand things in a simple, easy way and also the extra knowledge given by you, the extra effort put in by you, your tips & tricks to master the chapter, regular assessments -
all helped me to excel in my school exams.
Krish Gupta
Thanks Suchita for helping my son in getting good grades in exams. You have been a perfect teacher with a positive influence.
I really appreciate that you take personal care of your students and make learning Maths as a fun process.
Aarti Agarwal

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Unlock the Power of Numbers: Enroll for an Introductory Session Today

Enroll for an informative and interactive online session to understand the philosophy of Mindful Mathematics and how it can benefit your child.


What is Mindful Mathematics?

Mindful mathematics is an approach to teaching and learning mathematics that incorporates principles and practices from mindfulness, a form of meditation and awareness that focuses on being present in the moment. This approach aims to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts by encouraging them to engage with the subject in a more focused and attentive way. They learn to observe patterns in numbers, do calculations mentally and explore different strategies to solve a problem. Not just calculations, Mindful Mathematics enables children to link various concepts as they learn and create a holistic picture of the subject matter. They also learn to apply the concepts in real life situations through different activities designed as part of the curriculum.