About Us

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: It is about UNDERSTANDING!

William Paul Thurston

What We're All About

‘Boundless Maths’ is on  mission to impact the lives of 1 million children by enabling them to live life mindfully, with a growth mindset and the learning desire that keeps them going. We believe that Mathematics is a way of life where there is no fear and every problem has a solution.


Learn Something Every Day

Mathematics is not jusr about calculations. It is about –

  • identifying the patterns around us through numbers,
  • logically relating things
  • thinking creatively to solve any problem
  • living each day mindfully with the desire to excel


Numbers and Calculations are just a medium to achieve mathematical mindfulness. Every child can be trained to excel in the skill to use mind analytically and logically in everyday learning through numbers and graphs. Visualization and mindfulness together equip the child not just to excel in Maths but also to handle the challenges of life in a positive way. We work on the core values, making every day a learning day, every day a success 


-Suchita Arora​


Who We Are

We at ‘Boundless Maths’ work on transforming the fixed mindset of children to a growth mindset through different techniques.

Our purpose is to make the child fall in love with numbers, see numbers everywhere and relate them to generate new ideas.


Why Mindful Mathematicians

Mindset Transformation

Mindful Mathematicians are not just apt with different techniques for faster calculations, but also have the desire to learn and take actions.

100% Success Guaranteed

With the philosophy of 'Think, explore and Learn' every student develops the desire to learn, making him / her a successful lifelong learner.

Learn from the comfort of home

Learn at the comfort of your own home - no traffic, no seasonal variations. Learn from the comfort of your home.

Improved Learning and Retention

Mindfulness in mathematics promotes a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts by encouraging students to engage with the material more consciously.