We offer three level ‘Mindful Mathemagician’ program.
This three-level program can be done by children of Grade 4 onwards.

Mindful Mathemagicians

‘Mindful Mathemagicians’ is a three level curriculum aimed at equipping children with mindfulness, basic problem solving techniques, quick calculations, Tips & Tricks to ace not just in the school, but also various competitive exams as they grow.

The curriculum for each level has been designed keeping in mind the core topics covered in the school irrespective of the textbook and the board. Each level targets on the following, based on the needs of the child and the Grade in which the child is in – 

  • mindfulness,
  • logical analytical skills,
  • problem solving skills,
  • quick calculation tips & techniques
  • tips on how to ace competitive exams at different levels
  • grade specific major topics

At the end of each level, a ‘Mindful Mathemagician’ certificate will be awarded for successful completion.

Beginner Level

The basics of calculations being done in mind- Different techniques of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication .
Inculcating gratitude and growth mindset in children through different activities.

Intermediate Level

More techniques for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals. Introduction to Squares and Cubes of numbers.
Inculcating Sensory Awareness through activities.

Advance Level

Squares and Cubes of Numbers, linear and quadratic equations, ratio proportion
Inculcating thoughtfulness, goal setting and discipline through activities. 

Short Term Courses

These short term courses can be enrolled any time during the academic year.

A certificate of completion shall be awarded on successful completion of the course.

Computation Star

5 day course on Tips and Tricks to speed up basic calculations.
This short term course focuses on basic calculation techniques that can be imbibed in the children. The early they get habitual of doing calculations using the techniques taught, they will benefit throughout thereafter.

Tables Star

5 day course on Tips and Tricks to speed up basic calculations.
This short course focuses on quick understanding, exploring and learning of tables of any number in a quick and effective way.